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I'm Jessica :)

An aspiring end to end UX designer with a background in human-centric roles



About Me

Why did I choose to become a UX Designer

I love a good challenge, where it be physical or mental, from figuring how to boulder up a wall to getting out of an escape room. Each puzzle piece is like a step-by-step process that has taught me how to see the big picture while focusing on the little details and making a better experience for everybody.

I have worked in a wide range of industries from hospitality to corporate and one thing they all have in common is people-centric. I joined a tech company as an employee experience assistant which allowed me to work with multidisciplinary teams and assist with customer care and service across the business. This company led me to discover the world of UX design and soon I realised UX is everywhere, and I have been doing something similar my whole life. I was amazed there was such a meaningful job out there that works on making ideas come to life to continually improve the lives of others.

My motivations include learning new skills to grow and develop in a world that is constantly evolving, I’m always happy to take on multiple tasks and can be counted on to meet deadlines and ensuring high quality outcomes even under pressure.


I’m always keen for a chat and am looking for opportunities to collaborate so please reach out to me!

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+44 07818 011924

Scaling the Rocks
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